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Employee Onboarding Enhancements

List of upcoming enhancements to the Employee Onboarding module :  

1. Pre-configure items to be provided to new hires based on their department, job title, location etc with Onboarding Bundles and automatically associate these items to Onboarding tickets.  

2. Customise your Onboarding flow : add/remove/interchange stakeholders in the Onboarding process

3. Customise Onboarding forms : delete/edit any default field, select information from the initiator's form to be cascaded to other stakeholders for additional context  

4. Agents can initiate onboarding requests from the support portal  

5. Append onboarding form fields to tickets using placeholders   

We're also giving the module a new look for a seamless experience!

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ETA was Q2 which is over in 2 weeks, are you still on target to achieve this deadline?

Hello everyone, 

The Employee Onboarding enhancements are live! Looking forward to hear your feedback :) 

Links to the how-to video, solution article and blog. 

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Hi Deepika,

When will Employee On boarding be available for MSP mode?

I thought this was also a part of the enhancements?!

Thank you

Hi Gerben, 

We are addressing a few edge cases around security before releasing the module for the MSP mode.

I will keep you informed about the progress in this thread. 



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Hi Deepika,

I would like to email someone straight from the onboarding section same as I do for Reporting Manager, but I don't need them to reply before the ticket is generated is this possible?

For example HR fills in the form, a request goes to line manager for additional information (Obviously ticket isn't generated until additional information is received) but at the same time HR select the Office Manager and an email goes to them to inform them of the new starter at their location (This doesn't require any feedback to the ticket so shouldn't stop it being generated)

I am having an issue around onboarding kits. I can’t get a new kit to go to a hiring manager it only goes to the default kit. Also is it the intention that only one kit can be used or can a hiring manager select multiple kits.


@Lee - Hi Lee, I'm afraid this flow is currently not achievable with the module. We will add this to our backlog and keep you posted on the progress. Thank you for the feedback. 

@Patrick - I'm sorry you're facing this issue, Patrick. Stakeholders can select items across multiple onboarding kits. Please raise a support ticket and we'll have this looked at as soon as possible. 


Is it possible to allow attachments on the onboarding module? I have a service catalog item which requires a new employee to print a form and attach it to the request. It doesn't look like this is currently possible when I put that service catalog item into a kit for onboarding.

Being able to upload attachments would allow the new employee to sign government forms and attach them for returning to us to process.


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