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In Progress

Employee Onboarding Enhancements

List of upcoming enhancements to the Employee Onboarding module :  

1. Pre-configure items to be provided to new hires based on their department, job title, location etc with Onboarding Bundles and automatically associate these items to Onboarding tickets.  

2. Customise your Onboarding flow : add/remove/interchange stakeholders in the Onboarding process

3. Customise Onboarding forms : delete/edit any default field, select information from the initiator's form to be cascaded to other stakeholders for additional context  

4. Agents can initiate onboarding requests from the support portal  

5. Append onboarding form fields to tickets using placeholders   

We're also giving the module a new look for a seamless experience!

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Hi Deepika,

Any plans to have customers test this in beta?

I would love to be a beta tester for this. Please keep me informed!

Any update that Freshworks can share?

Any update on progress that the Fresworks team can share?

We would love an update and to be added to beta testing group as well. We are in the planning stages of our process for onboarding using FS so within the next 1-3mo would be a great time for us to test this updated module, thanks for consideration and keep up the great work on this great ITSM!

Request for beta once available please. Thanks

Any news on this please? Please add our instance to the beta list. Thanks

Please add ours to the beta as well :)

Also, I would like to test the beta version please

Would like to run in Beta!

Would like to test Beta please!!

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