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Employee Onboarding Enhancements

List of upcoming enhancements to the Employee Onboarding module :  

1. Pre-configure items to be provided to new hires based on their department, job title, location etc with Onboarding Bundles and automatically associate these items to Onboarding tickets.  

2. Customise your Onboarding flow : add/remove/interchange stakeholders in the Onboarding process

3. Customise Onboarding forms : delete/edit any default field, select information from the initiator's form to be cascaded to other stakeholders for additional context  

4. Agents can initiate onboarding requests from the support portal  

5. Append onboarding form fields to tickets using placeholders   

We're also giving the module a new look for a seamless experience!

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Can api integration also be added?

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Will this be available for the environments in MSP mode as well?

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This is great news! Finally we can customise exactly everything! Any ideas on when this will be live or in beta?

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Would be great, like Mike already said, if this was available in the MSP configuration as well.

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you would have delays on the provision of these new features? even in beta?

I would like to see these new features in person.  When can this be enabled in my tenant?

Can you please ensure you add this into our Instance for Beta as soon a possible the listed enhancements will fix a lot of the issues we have with the module

Can you please "allow attachment" feature on the employee onboarding? It will also be nice if you can make "employee onboarding" available on the mobile app

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Please add to our instance for beta. This will fix some all of the issues  for us with this module

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