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Add Automated Asset Life Cycle Management

Many organizations maintain regular replacement/refresh schedules on their assets in order to proactively maintain hardware and ensure performance standards are being met as the hardware requirements of software increase.   Please add the ability to manage this within the Product and Asset Management components of FreshService.

We would like to be able to assign standard replacement cycles to different products.  For example... let's say our standard workstations have a 3-year replacement cycle whereas our high-ends workstations are on a 2-year replacement cycle.  If that could be set on a per-product basis, that would be great.

Then based upon the date of issue, Freshservice would look at the specified refresh interval for that product type and generate a scheduled replacement date x number of years into the future.

As we near that date, it should then generate a ticket (or service request) 1-2 weeks in advance requesting a new replacement computer for that individual.  Perhaps it is sent to the individual's manager for approval but then comes to IT to order the equipment and work on getting the new system ready to be swapped in.

It could also be set up to advise the agent on whether the computer being replaced should be put back into inventory to cascade down (in the case of the high-end workstations) or marked for disposal if it was a standard workstation.  This could be done by setting minimum baseline computer specifications such as CPU Type, Speed, # of Cores, RAM and HD Capacity.

Having this sort of intelligent, proactive automation would be really great.  It would greatly simplify the management of this common practice.

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