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Improved Management of Vendors

The vendors' list could really use some work and allow for some additional options.

1.  Allow multiple vendors to be merged together and tracked as a single vendor.  For example, we end up with HP, HP Inc, Hewlett-Packers Co and Hewlett Packard.  For all intents and purposes, this is a single company and should be managed as such.  Being able to merge them into 1 would really clean up and greatly simplify the vendors' list.  Preferably, we would be able to decide which is the main "parent" vendor item for display purposes and then the others would get linked to that one.  Any associated products or contracts for the children would show up directly in that main parent item.  (See screenshots of examples)

2.  Allow selective hiding of vendors.  As a result of the hardware and software scanning, there are many vendors that get listed which we really don't care about.  We should have the option to simply hide them from the main view.  This would really help put important information first and filter out the noise.

3.  Create a vendor search bar.  This should be obvious.  Why force us to scroll through a giant list of discoverable vendors to find what we're looking for?  Allow the other options to help clean up the list but also provide a search for even faster access to the info we need.  Also, if you try and search for a Vendor in the main Freshservice search, it will not find anything as vendors are not a searchable category of information. (See screenshot)

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