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Filter Requesters by first name and last name

Currently the only way to search or filter requesters are,





This does make it difficult to search requesters as the "id" is set by Freshservice and the email is not always known or even set for all of our users.

Please could you either add a was to filter requesters by first name, last name or at least provide a way to list ALL requesters using 


so that we can iterate through a complete list to find the requester details we want, currently only viewing the first 20 by default means that with this command I can only iterate through a small portion of requesters at a time.

I feel like not having the ability to filter by name is an oversight that makes it very difficult to use a tool effectively. 


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I am cross-referencing this request with this other as well ( "Requester Filtering in Admin Console."

I would like to add to this request that requester filters be created that are analogous to the ticket filters, that they are aligned with the right side of the requester list and offer plentiful filter fields that make sense, and can be used in combination. Filterable fields ought to be all that are possible to be non-unique. For example, filtering on email doesn't make sense because you can never get a group of requesters with the same email. Filtering on Department, Location, and Time Zone make sense because they will yield lists of requesters with something in common. Requesting also the ability to use custom requester fields as filters as well.


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