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Employee Onboarding Mandatory Fields, conditional fields, child ticket managing

A few requests concerning the Employee onboarding feature.

- regarding the child tickets that are created from the onboarding request, we'd like to be able to include a short description with the ticket to give a reminder of what to write that ticket. Example: one of the tickets that are generated by our employee onboarding system is "Create Office 365 account for so-and-so". We've like to include a  description or checklist of what the agent needs to do in order to fulfill that. 

- We'd like do have conditional logic applied to different fields/forms in the onboarding form (i.e when filling out the onboarding for, the HR employee can check a box saying the new employee is a teacher which will a add a field for the new employee provide their Teaching Certificate number )

- We'd like to be able to change the "name" or and add/remove the system required fields like Employee email address, department, etc. I can understand why changing them isn't enabled, but I'd still like to rename them for the sake of clarification with our employees. 

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Hello Ben, 

Great feedback! We're already on working on making the onboarding form completely customisable, along with a bunch of new enhancements to the Employee Onboarding module. More details here

1.  Dynamic sections (conditional logic) in Onboarding forms is part of our onboarding roadmap. We'll update you here as we make progress on this item. 

2. Including a checklist for onboarding tickets - this can be achieved by adding tasks for an onboarding ticket using the workflow automator. I hope this solution helps. 

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