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Group-Specific Roles and Permissions

Agents can be granted different roles/permissions in different agent groups.


  • An L1 support agent can be granted the "SD Agent" or "Editor" role for the L1 Support group, and "Viewer" role for the L2 Support and L3 Support groups.
  • An HR manager can be given the "SD Supervisor" role for the Human Resources group, and  the "Viewer" role for the IT group in case they need to check the progress of employee onboarding and offboarding.

Group-specific permissions will be available for Tickets, Problems, Changes, Releases, Asset Inventory, Contracts, and Solutions. Permissions for Projects, Announcements, and Administration will continue to apply globally.

This feature will be available on the Forest plan in Q1 2020.

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Great feature. Thrilled to see this in action.

Pity you plan to release only on forest plan. What is planned for Estate customers ?



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Will this only be available in the forest plan?


We'll announce upcoming Estate features in this Roadmap section. Please stay tuned!


Yes, this would only be available on the Forest plan at the moment.

I would like to understand the difference between this and the other roadmap piece on Observers in Agent Groups. There certainly seems to be quite a bit of overlap between the two here.


In isolation, what "Observers in Agent Groups" provides is the ability to grant access to tickets, tasks, and other items that a group owns to people outside of the group. Essentially, we ensure that these items don't get "assigned" to non-members (observers). For instance, Network Support agents will be added as members to the "Network Operations" group because they'll be the ones who are handling the tickets assigned to the group, while Hardware Support agents will be added as observers to the "Network Operations" because they want access to their tickets without being assigned those tickets.

However, you might want to control the actions these members and observers can perform on the ticket. For instance, Network Support agents should be able to edit tickets that belong to the "Network Operations" group, while Hardware Support agents should only be given read-only access to these tickets. But these actions aren't set in stone - some companies might want to give Observers edit access, while others might only want to give them read-only access. Hence, we've made it configurable. You can create different roles, and grant an agent Role A in Group 1 where they're a member, and Role B in Group 2 where they're an observer. That's where this feature, "Group-Specific Roles and Permissions" comes in, and complements "Observers in Agent Groups".

Have you thought about allowing Requesters (Contacts) the ability to view tickets raised by other contacts.

Hey Peter,

Yes, that's something we are thinking about. We'll post on this forum once we arrive at a solution.

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More granular permissions for view vs. work on tickets is what's keeping us from moving forward on integrating other offices on campus.

When will the Estate Plan people get some love... 

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we need to prevent customer agends from assign tickets from their group to groups from other customers.

so wen nee a option to decide, which groups a agend is able to see

example: only seeing this groups he is member or observer

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