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Observers in Agent Groups

Agents who need access to tickets belonging to groups other than their own can now be added as Observers in those groups. 

You can now add agents to groups in two modes:

  1. As Members: Agents get access to, and can be assigned tickets and other items (problems, changes, releases, assets, tasks) that belong to the group. 
  2. As Observers: Agents get access to tickets and other items (problems, changes, releases, assets, tasks) that belong to the group, but they can't be assigned these items. In other words, their names won't appear in the "Agent" dropdown for items assigned to the group.


This feature can be used in many scenarios:

  • An agent who belongs to an L1 support team can be added as a member to the L1 group, and as an observer to the L2 to L3 groups, if they need access to tickets even when the L2 or L3 groups are working on them.
  • An HR agent can be added as a member of the HR group, and as an observer of the Facilities and IT groups, if they want to check the fulfilment progress of employee joining kits.
  • A Network Operations Manager who works in the US office of a company can be added as a member of the US Network Operations group, and as an observer of the UK Network Operations and Asia Pacific Network Operations groups, if they want to keep themselves updated of issues in other regions.

This feature will be available on our Forest plan in a few weeks.

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Observers need to be agents. They can either be full-time agents (who will consume a license) or occasional agents (who will consume a day pass for each day that they login).

Could you please explain what you mean by "as it needs an admin to assign that every time"?


We currently don't have the ability to automatically grant individual agents access to a ticket if they have worked on it in the past. However, we've seen with many of our users that certain people/teams always need collaborate with certain other people/teams, and it is around this use case that we've designed the Observer feature. But having said that, I've made a note of your use case, and we'll consider it at the next available opportunity. Thanks for the feedback!


Yes, this would only be available on the Forest plan at the moment.


Thanks for explaining your use case. We'll definitely consider providing requesters one-off access to certain tickets.

@ Mithun, 

"Could you please explain what you mean by "as it needs an admin to assign that every time"?"

What I mean by this is, we have a lot of scenarios where a team member only needs to observe a queue in rare situations. Let use the example of a director of a department. They may go into freshservice once a quarter or bi annually to observe ticket quality, metrics, examples of issues flowing or whatever it may be. To pay a full agent license isnt Ideal for this. But for them to have to reach out to IT freshservice admins every time they want access and then we add them as occasional is not very convenient for them. 

We have other examples where say a team needs input from a developer on a ticket. We'd have to add them as an agent or occasional agent just to read the ticket thread so that they can get the context they need. Would be nice to just have them set as an observer without using an agent seat for how infrequent that would be needed. 

Perhaps if that is not possible, then maybe we could use an occasional license (i assume these are cheaper), but set them as observer AND with an indefinite access time frame so they dont have to ask for access when the time expires

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