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Introducing Ticket Closure Rules for Incidents & Service Requests

We all face service desk horrors of incomplete resolution especially when tickets are closed without it's subtasks or child tickets being resolved. This is where multiple departments involved in resolving the ticket lose track of the progress made. 

Also, in the case of MSP solutions, closing tickets without a time entry has an enormous business impact on their billing.


With Closure Rules, users can now mandate certain criteria for ticket resolution and closure to regulate the business rules in a service desk. By implementing closure rules, a service agent will not be able to resolve or close a ticket under the following conditions:

  1. Without adding a time entry.

  2. Without closing all the associated tasks.

  3. Without resolving/closing all the associated child tickets. 

Check out this article to enable closure rules for your service desk! 

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nice function but far too few possibilities

We would expect the following criteria

- prevent agents from close tickets

- prevent vom resolve ticket without public responce or note

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Within closure rules, please update the conditions so that a ticket that was generated through a Service Request which contains "Requested Items" (child Service Requests) cannot be closed/resolved until those Requested Items have all been marked as Delivered, Cancelled or Fulfilled.  Currently, there is no check against that and the only way around it is to choose to have those dependencies created as separate child tickets.   This works but generates a lot of additional tickets so it clutters up the ticket view.  If there was a Closure Rule that checked against these "Requested Items" then they wouldn't necessarily need to be created as child tickets and everything could be contained within the single, primary ticket.  This is much cleaner since you can individually update the status of those items within that ticket.  It's also easier to simply update the status on those Requested Items within the primary ticket than it is to go through the process of having to close them all out when created as child tickets.


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Hey Nvergin,

This is really great feedback.

I'll have it brought to the product team's attention as a part of the enhancements to closure rules @sudipta

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