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Introducing Ticket Closure Rules for Incidents & Service Requests

We all face service desk horrors of incomplete resolution especially when tickets are closed without it's subtasks or child tickets being resolved. This is where multiple departments involved in resolving the ticket lose track of the progress made. 

Also, in the case of MSP solutions, closing tickets without a time entry has an enormous business impact on their billing.


With Closure Rules, users can now mandate certain criteria for ticket resolution and closure to regulate the business rules in a service desk. By implementing closure rules, a service agent will not be able to resolve or close a ticket under the following conditions:

  1. Without adding a time entry.

  2. Without closing all the associated tasks.

  3. Without resolving/closing all the associated child tickets. 

Check out this article to enable closure rules for your service desk! 

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nice function but far too few possibilities

We would expect the following criteria

- prevent agents from close tickets

- prevent vom resolve ticket without public responce or note

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