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Assign Ticket to Admin that is not in Group

Admins occasionally need to be the assigned agent.  There currently isn't a way to assign without being part of a group and admins shouldn't need to be assigned to all the groups.  We used to be able to work around this from the ticket list view, but that doesn't work any more.  Will this capability come back?

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Hi Mary,

Thank you for your feedback. Could you please explain why you'd need to assign it to an admin even when the Ticket is assigned to a group he/she isn't a part of?

Btw, you could still assign the Ticket to anyone from the list page without selecting the group, but this will nullify the selected group from the Ticket. You can use this as an alternate if you aren't very particular about the group field in such scenarios.



Product @ Freshservice

Sometimes tickets from various groups need to be assigned to an admin.  The ticket should remain in the original group for visibility.  e.g.: Desktop Support may need to see ticket activity since they are the in closer contact with the requester and may be asked questions about the ticket.  Watchlist is a workaround, but seeing the ticket in their queue helps to keep track of open tickets.

The admins shouldn't need to be a part of every group as they do not need notifications associated with each group, just the ones they are assigned.  Tickets should not have an empty group assignment since the visibility disappears for any group other than an admin.

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