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Dark mode

We have dark mode on windows, outlook now.

Can we get dark mode on fresh service? I'm sure there's a demand out there if we keep this topic alive, long enough.

For agents preferable as we're the ones who have to stare at these screens all day, plus it should improve battery life for laptop users.


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Any updates, this the number one requested feature and #8 in this thread.

Any updates on Darkmode? 

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Please add Dark mode across your products. We have freshservice and the add-ons don't work. Please make this a priority!

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Well this is just a slap in the face... Can we do dark Christmas theme for those not so Jolly?


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You can theme for Christmas but not finish up a dark theme option to trigger per user??? I'm just going to make my own using stylus. 

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I found an actually safe solution in the mean time.

I switched my browser to Opera GX, it has a Force Dark Mode Feature that works somewhat well with Fresh-service.

Coming from Chrome, I find that it's also a pretty good browser overall.

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