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Dark mode

We have dark mode on windows, outlook now.

Can we get dark mode on fresh service? I'm sure there's a demand out there if we keep this topic alive, long enough.

For agents preferable as we're the ones who have to stare at these screens all day, plus it should improve battery life for laptop users.


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Also looking for updates on this.  Thanks!

If anyone is interested I'm currently using a dark mode extension from a Firefox add-in called - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dark-mode-zen/

Until Fresh service gets the dark mode feature.


Any update on this? it's been 5 months, it's just a quick CSS flip, should take 2-3 weeks if you're doing it part-time boys!

Hi Everybody, we are on the final phase of locking down all the design elements for the Dark Mode. Targeting to complete this by March 31st. The development is scheduled to be started by early Q2. I will post more details about the same in our roadmap section in the coming weeks.

I don't see any updates on the roadmap for this? You posted 2 months ago!

Hi All, I believe many of you would have already seen our mocks for the dark mode. The solution is ready; however, we had to attend to some other prioritised items. We will be re-visiting the prioritisation for Dark mode in the next 2 weeks and will share more details then.

Any News on this? Eagerly awaiting this feature with tears in my eyes. May also be due to the bright screen when using freshservice

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Though not required, I really would like to see this hitting live. Please update us at you earliest convenience.

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Any further updates on this as we would love to have this as well helps with Colour blind employees and reduces eye strain.

  • We will be re-visiting the prioritization for Dark mode in the next 2 weeks and will share more details then -  said a month ago

So any update? my company and I are eagerly waiting for this feature... It doesn't have to be perfect the first time, you can iterate on the process as we go. 

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