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Dark mode

We have dark mode on windows, outlook now.

Can we get dark mode on fresh service? I'm sure there's a demand out there if we keep this topic alive, long enough.

For agents preferable as we're the ones who have to stare at these screens all day, plus it should improve battery life for laptop users.


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Hi Sam, 

This is Senthil from the freshservice Design Team. We have already designed Dark mode for freshservice. I will reach out to you offline to understand your request in detail. Here is a sample. 



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Thankyou Freshservice for the dark mode. I am very excited to use the dark mode and one more thing if you are using dark mode and it is not showing it, it might be possible you have some problem with your laptop. In that case, you can contact geek squad tech support team or talk to freshservice team.

Hi @Senthilnathan

We'd be interested in this too, quite a few of our agents have been asking for a dark theme.



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If you wanted to take it a step further you can feature multiple colours of dark mode. Or even with a colour palette so agents can choose their preferred dark coloured scheme.

For example like below


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This is great, but @FreshService, where are the instructions?

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