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Remove Employee email on the Employee onboarding

Is it possible to customise the Employee On-Boarding form?

For example being able to remove the so called "Mandatory" field boxes such as needing the "Employee Email Address". While I can see this can be handy, it would be nice if there was the option to have this or not.

Most companies won't need this since when he hire the new employee we will have all their required information so there is no need to get them involved.

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I agree, being able to edit the required fields for the Employee Onboarding would be very beneficial.

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Also with GDPR regulation, I don't think it's appropriate for IT Teams to know the employees "personal" email.

A response from Nandhini @ FreshService.

"Hello Shad,

​Apologies for the inconvenience caused. But I do have a piece of good news for you. The ability to customize the employee onboarding forms is currently on our roadmap and I will definitely keep you posted on this :)"

Hopefully not too long till this is implemented.

Hi Shad, where can we see the roadmap for the employee onboarding? there is nothing relating to this in the usual product roadmap view on the forum

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We are looking to utilize the Onboarding feature of Freshservice but we need to customize the forms, and specifically with our custom fields. Will be interested in any developers there are for the Onboarding feature.

Hello everyone, 

We're adding a bunch of new enhancements to the Employee onboarding module including the ability to customise the onboarding forms. You can check out the roadmap here.

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