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Bulk Operations on Service Items

Currently, the service items list page doesn’t show attributes of the items which forces users to go inside each item. We plan to add the ability to enhance the current service items list page using the table view and adding the ability to perform bulk operations on the items.

Features of the table view:
1. Ability to quickly view status and service category of all items
2. Ability to quickly view usage type of each item (loaner or permanent)
3. Ability to identify items that contain other child items (bundle)

Bulk operations that will be supported:
1. Ability to change service category of a bunch of items at the same time
2. Ability to change status of items from draft to published (or vice-versa)
3. Bulk delete items
4. Ability to modify the visibility of items to groups.


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Very good changes, this would greatly help us moving/changing/adding service items

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Excellent addition.

Great news!!!

It would be nice to extend the bulk to other system attributes such as: 

  1. Allow Attachments
  2. Mark as loaner 
  3. Show Quantity
  4. Cost(€) / Visible in portal
  5. Estimated Delivery(Hr) / Visible in portal

Also, it would be great to enhance the asset clone feature in order to clone single Service Item to multiple Service Items (similar as for assets).


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