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Asset Automations

A service desk agent repeatedly carries out certain set of actions on assets such as updating asset properties, notifying agents, creating a ticket related to an asset and tracking the tasks, updating ticket properties based on the linked asset, etc. These activities are crucial because, not doing this will cause difficulty in planning for resources, tracking and confusion in auditing.


In order to enable the agents to go about doing it in a way that is not error prone and doesn’t incur manual effort, we are introducing Workflow Automators for Assets.

In the first phase, here are a few examples of the kind of actions you can achieve with automations on Assets:

1.Automatically notify an employee when a device is assigned to them.

2. Based on the IP range of the asset, automatically map the location.

3. Automatically update properties such as asset state, location, used by, department and more, when an asset is created, updated or deleted. 

4.Trigger the creation of tickets via web hooks based on the update in asset properties.


Do let us know your feedback.

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@Naganandhini We would very much be interested in beta testing this for you guys. Please include us in that and let us know where we can report bugs. Thanks!

i would love to be in the beta. please add me

As a new customer setting up assets and pushing agents out, I would love to start off with this feature. What would you need from me? 


I would like to beta test please.


Will these automations allow us to set rules so that if a ticket comes in and somewhere in the ticket an asset name is quoted, it would be able to associate the ticket to the relevant CI, I'm thinking where we get alerts oe updates for servers by email into Freshservice that these could be then automatically linked to the CI?


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