Release Notes - 09 September 2019


  • Conversational Portal [Enabled for all accounts]: Now resolve IT the interactive way with conversational portal. Report an issue, request for an item in your service catalog and much more seamlessly, by chatting with a bot. More info here.

  • Time Format: We now support 24 hour time format in the business hour configuration page.

  • Tabular View for Tickets: Agents will now be able to customise columns on the table, pick and choose what information is relevant and have them displayed in one single view. More info here.


  • Sandbox: Users were unable to save the SSO settings in Sandbox. This is now fixed.

Excited to have Tabular View, but it needs some refinement:

  • Column widths can be resized, but don't save
  • Allow stacking - see 2nd comment here:
  • Stacking example 1: Group/Agent/Status/Priority as it is on non-tabular view 
  • Stacking example 2: We have a "location" field that is selected by the reporter (for employees that may not always be working at their dept) - would like to have that show up under the Requester
  • Stacking example 3: Dependent Fields - only ~half of our items have a 2nd level issue, and very few of our items have a 3rd level, so these fields are taking up a lot of space
  • Documentation of how this affects saved ticket list views is needed
  • Need an easier way to scroll left to right within the table (have to scroll down on page to scroll right then scroll back up to view first ticket rows)

Great Feedback, Andrew. 

* Saving of column widths is something that's in our pipeline. Should be out soon. 

* I get your point regarding stacking of columns. The underlying problem here is a need for better utilisation of real estate. We'll improve the experience here.

* Documentation should be available very soon. Please stay tuned.

* Scroll issue - Noted. We'll come up with a way to improve the experience here too.



Product @ Freshservice

The conversational portal looks great! Something our team would like though is for it to be just a small popup chat. Currently it completely takes over your page which would be confusing for many of our users. Something more similar to how most other sites do a small chat popup would be great for us! Is that in the pipeline at all?

I experimented with Freddy.  I don't mind the conversational portal taking over the whole screen, but I don't want that to be the default.  I want the classic portal with the option to open up a conversation, just like Mr. Browne suggested.  

Also, there doesn't appear to be a method to convert legacy service catalog items to be "bot ready".  There's no way I'm going to go through all of my items and related workflows to make them all bot ready.  I did create a test catalog item that was bot-ready to see if the bot could find it in the catalog, and it failed.  I've disabled the feature for now.

@brandon / @christopher

Thank you for the feedback. I work as a Product Manager with Freshservice and would love to hear more about conversational portal from you. Can we jump on a quick 15 minutes call sometime to talk more about the portal? I am sending you an email regarding the same and we can finalize the specifics over there.

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