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Release Notes - 09 September 2019


  • Conversational Portal [Enabled for all accounts]: Now resolve IT the interactive way with conversational portal. Report an issue, request for an item in your service catalog and much more seamlessly, by chatting with a bot. More info here.

  • Time Format: We now support 24 hour time format in the business hour configuration page.

  • Tabular View for Tickets: Agents will now be able to customise columns on the table, pick and choose what information is relevant and have them displayed in one single view. More info here.


  • Sandbox: Users were unable to save the SSO settings in Sandbox. This is now fixed.

....and look forward to enhancements such as adding the Sort and Filter functions in each column so we can customize our view however we want; not forced to use Views that function like a program from the '90's.

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