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Look-up Fields in Service Catalog and Ticket Forms

Build custom links with Freshservice entities through Look-up Fields

With Look-up fields, admins can configure fields in Freshservice forms that can reference information from other entities (such as Requesters, Agents, Location, Assets) within Freshservice. Admins will also be able to configure context-specific conditions to narrow down the list of items that will be available for Requesters on forms.

Look-up Fields will be available in Service Catalog Item forms first. We will be introducing Look-up Fields to Ticket Forms following that.

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This would be great, what's the ETA on this?

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It's still early days, Jake. We are looking at a mid-Q4 release for Service Catalog item forms. Dates may change as we progress.

I'll keep this thread posted.



This would be a great addition

Great news...but please allow us the ability to combine both Requester / Agent into a single data source. Agents can request services as well.

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Will this also be available for Incidents in the future.

This feature will support an internal drive to maintain and update user profile information. In addition to this a link back to the edit profile page would also be useful if information presented is not accurate or needs updating.

These will need to be scoped to the company if running in MSP mode.

Thanks for implementing this. Look-up fields are a very important feature for us. And we also use MSP mode.


If I am reading this correctly, we will be able to produce custom forms? - As a MSP user, this would be a big deal for us.

Please expedite this feature. Any ability to customize forms would be of great importance to us. This feature would greatly decrease time wasted having to search for information that we could simply present from the initial form. 

Any update on this, Sundararajan?

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