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Priority Matrix- New Customer HELP!

Hi all,

I'm rolling out Fresh Service and loving it!  I'm trying to create a simple, intuitive and easy to use service portal for my customers to submit incidents.  Originally I was not going to expose impact/urgency and only offer the end user to select a priority, however, in looking at the priority matrix it's pretty cool! 

Hopefully it can help in determining true priority by exposing this to the end users.

This brings up a few questions... I think just listing Impact/Urgency to an end user is not effective as they'll not really understand this in terms of ITIL speak.  So I Was going to list Urgency as "how soon do you need this resolved" and could use some help in how to turn "impact" into an english phrase that my end users would understand.

Lastly... is there a way to remap high/medium/low to real world terms?  I'd love to change urgency from high/mid/low to something like very ugrent, somewhat urgent, not urgent etc... same for impact...



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