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Email templates for different Email Support Channels

Would like to have the ability to create different Agent Reply Templates for each of the Email Support Channels that are active. So that when you choose the "From" address, it would update to that set template. We have several different email channels and different departments using them that would like to have different logos and footer text added. 

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This is something we could really utilize, as I have different departments using FS and they would like to have information relevant to their department in the template

along the same theme, I'd like to add to the email wish list!

if i am assigned to one group, e.g. HR Services, when i go to reply to a ticket, i only want to see the email set for my group in the 'from' options - or at least have my group email default, not the system default

if you can set a different email for different groups - you should be able to have the group work only from that email

I'd also like to be able to set a 'From' email on the notifications you can create in the actions in Workflow automator

The only place in the system I can use the other non default email is in the ticket reply - this functionality does not exist in other config areas of the system: Notifications and Workflow Automator 

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