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Software Asset Management Enhancements

We're improving the Software module to allow teams to manually maintain software that cannot be discovered and also add more capabilities to track users who use software. Here are some of the changes you'll see in Software Asset Management over the next few months.

  • Create, Update and Delete any software that cannot be discovered (including SaaS Applications) - Available Now
  • Add/Remove installs of a software - Available Now
  • Introducing a way to manage the users using a software. This will enable you to track the software that do not have any installs (SaaS Products) more effectively. - Available Now
  • Add/remove users using a software - Available Now
  • Link users to a contract to track approved users vs unapproved users - Available Now
  • Export Software, Installs and User lists - Available Now
  • Group related software. Eg. Group different versions of the same software or group all the individual components of a software suite - Moved to backlog
  • APIs for all of the above operations - Available Now

We are also looking at how we can enable IT teams to track, manage and optimize SaaS products better. If this is of interest to you, do check out this topic and share your thoughts. 

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Is there any update on the reporting of software in use and locations? We have 14 sites all using various versions of software. I would like to be able to report on what software is installed at which site and then be able to drill down further and report on machines etc. I know at the moment I can get a list of software installed on a device from the device information on the asset page but I don’t have the time to go through 400-500 individual assets per site and export this information to them have to further analyse it. Better reporting would be appreciated.

Hi Mohana ,

We are going to be new customer for you but before that 

'' Group different versions of the same software or group all the individual components of a software suite '' is must to have feature , please update when can we get this feature 

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Folks, I have updated the original post to reflect the status of the enhancements that we had picked up. I have added the new requests that we've received in this post (eg. Reporting, filtering, grouping & multi-s/w contracts) to our backlog. We are continuing to add new capabilities and enhance the current Software module. We'll update the roadmap with the next set of items that you can expect in Software.

I have to agree that a Software Asset Management solution that doesn't let you do these things is hindering us from wanting to adopt it:

Group different versions or components

Asset reporting

Linking software assets to tickets (How is this not possible?)

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