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Software Asset Management Enhancements

We're improving the Software module to allow teams to manually maintain software that cannot be discovered and also add more capabilities to track users who use software. Here are some of the changes you'll see in Software Asset Management over the next few months.

  • Create, Update and Delete any software that cannot be discovered (including SaaS Applications)
  • Add/Remove installs of a software
  • Introducing a way to manage the users using a software. This will enable you to track the software that do not have any installs (SaaS Products) more effectively.
  • Add/remove users using a software
  • Link users to a contract to track approved users vs unapproved users
  • Export Software, Installs and User lists
  • Group related software. Eg. Group different versions of the same software or group all the individual components of a software suite
  • APIs for all of the above operations

We are also looking at how we can enable IT teams to track, manage and optimize SaaS products better. If this is of interest to you, do check out this topic and share your thoughts. 

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Hi Michael, some of the enhancements from the list is are already available and more changes will be available in the next 2 weeks. Can you share some details on what you are trying to achieve and where you are facing difficulties? 

Folks, here are the enhancements that are now available as part of this feature. 

Create Software

Some software such as SaaS Applications cannot be discovered through traditional means of discovery. However, IT Teams want to track these applications, the users using them and the contract details in one place.

Introducing the option to create software manually. Agents can also add additional information such as a Managed By for the software (an employee who is the admin for the software), category and notes when creating the software.

Track & assign licenses to users using the software 

Most modern software support user based licensing models and SaaS Software are primarily user based. Admins normally maintain a list of users using applications in excel sheets and these are notoriously difficult to maintain in the long run. 

We have now introduced the option to add users using/assigned to an application in Freshservice. Agents can also assign licenses to these users to keep a track of the available licenses

View & manage all software used by an employee

When an employee is leaving an organization, the IT Team is responsible for ensuring that access to all software used by the employee is removed. In the case of applications installed in the device, its straightforward. But for SaaS software and software where a user might have an account on the cloud, the IT agent has to know the list of software that is used by the employee and remove the user from them.

We now list all the Software that the employee has been provided access to on the user profile page. 

  • Agents can use this list to easily process user exits. 
  • Agents can also assign software to employees and remove them from the user profile page.

Other enhancements/changes

  • The software list page now defaults to the Managed Software view.
  • We have temporarily removed the software summary displayed for Managed Software. With the introduction of users and license assignment, this summary had incorrect data. The summary will be back with relevant data over the next few weeks
  • Agents can now delete the software that are not required to be tracked

What's Coming up in the next 2 weeks

  • Updated Software list views with more information about each software
  • Ability to Add/Remove Installations
  • Export Software, Software Installs and Software users 
  • Updated Properties tab with all details about the software

I'll drop a note once these updates are out. As always, please let us know if you have any feedback on the changes made.

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There needs to be a way to assign users to a license in bulk.  Having to add users one at a time is super painful and a waste of time.   Please add the ability to perform bulk assignments (and removals) of licenses.   The ability to add all users at once would be great as well as the ability to add whole departments or groups.

Rather then having a single search field available it would be better if we were presented with a full list of our users (Requesters+Agents) and then have the ability to check each applicable user or select-all to then assign the given license.   If that list had the ability to filter by department (and location), that would be even better.   And if it would add up the number of checked/selected users and compare that in real-time to the number of available licenses, that would also be great.   If more users were selected than can actually be assigned due to running out of licenses, it should display an error and prevent assignment from happening until the issue is corrected.   

It should however take into account existing assignments...  So for instance, if the user "Joe Smith" was already assigned a license, then perhaps the check box next to his name would have a grey check in it indicating that he already has that license assigned.   We should then be able to uncheck that user to effectively remove that license all in one place.    I think something like that would be ideal.

This is a great step forward and is much appreciated.  However, in order to make it truly useful it has to be streamlined as the process of assigning licenses to users one person at a time is terribly inefficient.

What would be great is if instead of the current single user search field, we were presented with a full list of all users (requesters + agents) in which we could check the appropriate users to assign licenses in bulk.  Having a select-all option on that list would be really helpful and if the list could be filtered by department, job title and/or location that would also greatly help.  In addition to this, it would be awesome if that list would show users that already have the licenses assigned (perhaps with a grey check) which could then allow us to easily uncheck that to effectively remove a license from users.

And then the icing on the cake would be to have a real-time check in place so that if we selected more users than there were available licenses, it would present a notification alerting to that fact and preventing the assignment until that was corrected.  This would make the license assignment (and removal) much, much easier.

Another potential issue is that when using the discovery agent, the same software is often seen as being two separate instances, for example if the version numbers are different or if it's installed on different operating systems.  There needs to be a way to consolidate or link multiple software instances to a single software package or contract to help with license tracking.  Sometimes we need to be able to track all the versions of a software package against a total license count and not being able to do this makes it more difficult to understand what's out in the environment.

Really appreciate all the work that's being put into these additions.  Keep it up!

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