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Managing CAB meetings within Freshservice

CAB meetings involve a lot of operational overhead. Change managers need to manage the meeting invites, meeting attendees, create an agenda for every meeting, send out this agenda with additional comments prior to the meeting, conduct the actual meeting, take notes, send out minutes of the meetings. That's a lot! Change managers usually context switch multiple times back and forth between excel sheets, emails, google/outlook calendar and Freshservice app. 

We understood these difficulties and we making this super simple by enabling change managers do all these right within Freshservice. Change managers will now be able to define calendar events to schedule cab meetings. These can be one time or recurring events. Changes (agenda items) to be discussed in the meeting can also be included to these events. Change manager will also be able to send meeting invites to participants, run the cab meeting in play mode (where changes can be navigated as a slide show), capture meeting notes and send MoM post meeting.

Please see the mock screens. 

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Have you enabled this for people? I'm not seeing anything.

This is already out on Beta. This will be available to all Forest customers by Jan last week. 

Hi Karthik, its very disappointing to hear that this is being released to the Forest plan only when a CAB is integral to any IT department.

I particularly love the mixed use of past and future tenses!

Hi Karthik,

I filled the beta form out around 2 weeks ago, will I still be able to run the feature? Or am I reading it right this will now only be available to Forest customers going forward?

We would also be interested in the beta in our environment.

Surely this will this be released to Estate once it is rolled out? CAB is included as part of Estate plan, would be strange for the features to be split across multiple tiers and not just bundled into one.


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Karthik, I'm being told by support that this is not available under beta yet. Which is correct, is this under beta or is it not under beta? If so, you need to update your support people. They're claiming it is not yet available under the beta.


We found a technical issue last week while updating a cab meeting due to which we had to put the beta rollout on hold temporarily. This issue has been fixed now. We will have the beta enabled by tomorrow. 

@Laurence  CAB creation, assignment  and approvals are already available as part of Estate plan and it will continue to be available. This feature additionally enables agents to schedule multiple recurrent cab meetings in calendar, add changes as meeting agenda items, send out meeting invites/notes, run cab meetings, take notes and send out meeting summary. This will be available in Forest.



Thanks for clarifying, I'll be honest I do find this trend of what feels like important features only being added to the highest price plan disappointing and outside of the culture that was in place from your beginnings, but I guess that is the way things go as a business grows. :(


This feature is now available on beta. If you had requested for a beta access, you will now be able to see the new option called "cab meeting" inside the change calendar. Please try this out and let us know your feedback.

@Chris @Joe @Craig

I hear your feedback around placing this feature in Forest. As clarified earlier, ability to define CAB members, associate CABs to changes, and taking changes through CAB approval process: all of these are already available on Estate and they will continue to be available on Estate in the future as well. No changes here.

This new feature, which we are calling as "CAB workstation" will additionally help you to manage CAB meetings efficiently. If you are dealing with a lot of changes every week, you will be able to create recurrent cab meetings on calendar, invite participants, run meetings and send summary notes. We believe this need arises when doing extensive change management at scale (dealing with 100s of changes every week for instance) and hence going by our current feature maturity/complexity model across various plans, it made best sense to put this in Forest.



I have to say I am with Freshworks on this one. It doesn't make much sense for Freshservice to have a multi-tier subscription if all shiny new features will be included in all (or most) plans.

Did you get a chance to try this out? Any feedback is really welcome!

Hi KK,

Yes I have managed to spend a few hours playing around with this feature and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed using this feature and more importantly the time it saved.

I did come across a few things that might be worth picking up in a future release;

- When setting a re-occurrence rule for you CAB meetings, only allows 24 weeks as a maximum (if setting to a weekly CAB); this also includes if setting an end date.

- When selecting your Changes to add to the CAB (using the filters); if a change has already been added to the CAB these are still included in the search results.

Apart from the above (we haven't run a CAB meeting yet - we are doing this today); its a great feature.

Happy to post an update on the basis of todays CAB meeting.

Not including the CAB Workstation outside of the Forest Plan is disappointing though - would be great to include this as part of the Estate Plan - you can make this happen! :)

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