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Managing CAB meetings within Freshservice

CAB meetings involve a lot of operational overhead. Change managers need to manage the meeting invites, meeting attendees, create an agenda for every meeting, send out this agenda with additional comments prior to the meeting, conduct the actual meeting, take notes, send out minutes of the meetings. That's a lot! Change managers usually context switch multiple times back and forth between excel sheets, emails, google/outlook calendar and Freshservice app. 

We understood these difficulties and we making this super simple by enabling change managers do all these right within Freshservice. Change managers will now be able to define calendar events to schedule cab meetings. These can be one time or recurring events. Changes (agenda items) to be discussed in the meeting can also be included to these events. Change manager will also be able to send meeting invites to participants, run the cab meeting in play mode (where changes can be navigated as a slide show), capture meeting notes and send MoM post meeting.

Please see the mock screens. 

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So, have we got a revised ETA for this functionality (originally quoted mid-October 2019)? 

This will be such a useful addition to the change module which is quite detached at the moment.

This is in the final stages of testing. Should be available to all before the end of this month. Thanks.

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@Karthik K Kalyanasundaram. looks great look forward to being able to try it. 

Any potential for the discuss feature to be added to Change requests... (also problems while we are at it)? This will provide a platform for all Change activity to be handled electronically. With the SME discussions captured in the change for easy review.

When is this rolling out? Just wanted to implement it for our team. Thanks!

@patrick Yes, we are integrating with google and outlook calendar!

@Craig We are in early discussions to bring the discuss feature inside Freshservice. Stay tuned for more updates here.


This will be available as beta from next week onwards. If you are on estate or forest and interested in beta, please comment here. Will be happy to make this available for you.

We’re definitely interested, thanks!

I'd be interested in beta testing this on our site


Would love to try this - but more interested to know a revised timescale for the CAB meeting management functions, tbh... ;)

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Yes, please add this to our environment as well. Thanks!

Would like the beta for this on out tenant to please folks :)

@Karthik, What is the latest ETA on beta release? I really want to get my hand on with the new improvements 

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We would also be interested in the beta in our environment. Thanks :) 

Please enroll us to any beta also.

@Karthik do you know when this will be released?


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