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Maintenance and Blackout windows in change management

Maintenance windows:

Change managers can now define standard/recurring maintenance windows in calendar to control when certain type of changes should be implemented. Change agents then will be able to associate changes to these windows while logging new changes. When a maintenance window is attached to a change, change planning dates are defaulted with the maintenance window time. If changes are scheduled outside the maintenance window, system will warn the change agents about the same.

Blackout windows/change freeze/change embargo:

Change managers will be able to now define windows in change calendar when no change should be deployed or certain specific type of changes should not be deployed. When change agents try to schedule a change within a blackout window, system will warn them. 

To accommodate this, we are also giving a fresh look to the current change calendar. See some sample screens below.

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As I’ve said before to many at FreshService. Link his system to FreshStatus. I honestly cannot understand any reason not to do that. A nice status page with that can update when changes start with maintenance and end when the ticket is closed.

Thanks Dave, point taken. We will be looking at Freshstatus integration soon.

When using MSP mode, will it be possible to create custom windows for each customer?

In MSP mode, "company" field can be added as a condition while defining your windows. So you can create separate windows for every customer.

When will this be generally available (or even in beta)? I found this as we are looking to put in a workaround using change templates for maintenance/blackout windows. This is the perfect solution for this issue.

Is there an ETA on this?

This is now live!

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