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Change Workflow - Required Rules

We are getting complaints from users as we were able to lock down the Change Request process in our old system to basically dummy proof it whereas in Fresh Service if they put a CR in a status but it is missing required fields there isn't a way to go back.

For example, for application changes (we use Assets and added our application list as an Asset type) so an Asset has to be associated with the Change Request.

There isn't a way to stop the user from moving it to Request approval and the approvers (shame on them) aren't noticing that an asset isn't associated since there isn't a way to bring that field into the approval screen directly to point it out.

We did set up a field that tells the requester that they are missing it, but it is too late if the approver goes ahead and approves it anyway to get it back to one of our editable states.

Anyone have suggestions on a better workflow to ensure that we remain compliant with SOX requirements for our financial systems and avoid the re-entry that the developers are doing by being spoiled by our old system that had a more robust workflow engine?

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