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Time Sheet Reporting

The Time Sheet Report is not good enough for me to use and any report not personally created cannot be edited so I can't add all the required fields to the report.

I need to be able to properly report on the time recorded by the agents and this should be available in the analytics as well as the reports section.

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Yes I need an option to report by Customer and selective Times for soveral cost center for each customer.

For example:

Customer ABCD

    1. Cost center    -   charges 100 per hour

    2. cost center - charegs 75 per hour

Customer XYZ

   1. cost center - charges 60 per hour

   2. cost center - charges 55 per hour

does anyone have an idea how to approach this?

Crede and Juergen,

We offer the ability to create customized Timesheet reports in our new Analytics module. If you haven't received access to the module already, we'll be enabling it for your accounts over the next few months once they become eligible for the feature.

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