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Requester groups - better conditions and logic required

The conditional logic that adds a requester to a group seems to use the full source field field. So, to create a group of Directors, I need ten conditions. One condition says to add the Finance Director based on his title of Finance Director. Another condition adds the Marketing director by title. But when a new Director title appears in the organisation, it is a manual job to jump back into FreshService admin and edit the logic.

Something that is much more flexible would be operators. For example, I should be able to create a condition that says "If Title CONTAINS "Director" then add to the group. Ditto again for STARTS WITH, ENDS WITH, DOES NOT CONTAIN, DOES NOT CONTAIN DATA, CONTAINS DATA.

I need the rules to be flexible and grow with the organisation and not require editing every time a new employee joins with a job title that is also new.

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Had the same issue when trying to setup VIP status for all of our VPs and SVPs - much simpler with a contains query

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