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Forwarding Tickets

Many times you may need to forward ticket information/threads outside of your support system to another person at your company or an outside entity in an easily consumable format.

In Freshservice, there isn't a good way to do this will all the right information in an easily accessible format. The "best" solution so far has been to generate a public URL and then send that to another person. This has two issues 1) It's extra steps to generate a public URL and 2) That leaves your URL open and the security setting is set to allow/disallow logged in users for ALL public URLs. Freshservice does have a forward option, but this does not capture all the data within a ticket nor any of the relevant properties.

Our current ticketing system does this well, and Freshservice should implement a similar feature. Screenshot example below showing the basics and the thread; I took two screenshots but you get the gist of it.



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