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Reference Fields in Service Catalog Items

The ability to add reference fields to service catalog items and forms would be greatly beneficial.

We have 36 locations.  Each one of our catalog items where location is needed (most of them) has a drop-down field with all 36 locations.  We are opening a new location and each item with location needs to be manually updated.  If this were a reference field, then only location would need to be edited.  Having a free-form string field is not acceptable in this case as we have workflows setting the request location based on the custom drop-down field selection.

Having asset tag as a reference would also be helpful as it would eliminate the need to associate an asset and help eliminate typos.

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Hello Mary,

Thank you for your feedback. We are bringing in the ability to configure 'Reference Fields' in Service Catalog item and Ticket forms. After the update, you will be able to configure drop-down fields whose option values can be looked up from within Freshservice. Initially we will be supporting the following entities for looking up. 

  • Locations
  • Requesters
  • Agents
  • Assets

You will also be able to add context-specific conditions for narrowing down the list of applicable values that can be filled in.

This should be available by the end of this year. I'll keep you posted on our progress.



Product @ Freshservice

That's great to hear! Having conditions will be helpful for us also. I'm looking forward to implementation.

Woohoo! That's awesome.

My only criticism is that Requesters and Agents should be combined into a single 'users' reference list. Agents can be requesters as well. What happens when they can't be found in the Requesters reference list? That means we need to add a second reference field just for when Agents request a service.

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