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API's aren't rich enough or entirely lacking (Projects as 1 example)

Fresh service checks a lot of boxes when you compare it to other products and needs. the problem is, although those features exists they are too week to be used in the wild. It would go a long way in closing the gap if you could ensure that's there are workable API solutions for all parts of the product. 

Example. Simple things list changing a category can be more difficult than it should be. if I have a ticket ("Ticket #20") with a category of "Other" and update that via the v2 API and pass in a category of "Other.Bad" I get a 200 back, you'd think it was successful but if you go to the GUI you just see a "-" for category. If you issue the exact same request a second time, you get a 4xx back along with some details saying that you've submitted a bad value and providing a list of acceptable values. If you then pick one of those values and submit that, you still get a 4xx along with a list of acceptable values. Example, if I then post in "Other" I get the same error. If found thru trial and error that if I pass in $null and then make a subsquent call with "Other" then it works. 

My point, its far more difficult and challenging than it should be. its also makes me question the entire system if I make an API request with bad data but get a 200 - success back. 

Also... why is there no way to problematically work with projects? I'd like the ability to interface with projects, and their tasks. Time management is HUGE and reporting of that time via API. I'm shocked there aren't any out of the box reports however that doesn't really bother me because those are rarely sufficient to meeting my needs but when the API's don't exist, you might as well not even have that as a feature, which was my feedback to Gartner. They might check the box, but the functionality of those features is too week to be useful in the real world. 

Also, why do I have to switch between v1 and v2 of the API's. Why doesn't V2 have all the same functionality and more of V1? Example, why can't I get time from the V2 API?

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Hey Loren,

I've filed a support ticket on your behalf to debug the issue with the invalid category. We'll reach out to you for more information.

We've already begun working on APIs for the Projects module, and we'll be releasing them soon.

We're incrementally building API V2 for all the modules in Freshservice. We expect that API V2 will broadly reach parity with API V1 by the end of the year.


Mithun Mohandas

Product Manager, Freshservice

Any news on API for projects? Given the poor state of time reporting for projects having at least the possibility of working with projects and getting the time entries for them through the API would be a work-around.

Hey Alessandro,

APIs for projects and project tasks are already available:

Hi Mithun, 

        thank you for delivering that info.

I just verified the API at the moment "only" allows to work with projects and project tasks, it still fully lacks Time Entries as Tickets, Problems, Changes and releases do have.

Overall: the experience still feels disconnected. Time is time, and being able to report on all technicians time allocation (independently from the module an entry is filled for) is a basic for me that's still missing. 

There still is no better way than going into each project, generate manually a time report and go wait for an email to then download a CSV to later be assembled with all the others to get overall projects time statistics. And then again assemble manually with the statistics from all the other modules.



This has been raised multiple times on this forum with no action. At a basic level the projects section needs:

  1. Reports on time and tasks - there is no reporting at all available for projects currently 
  2. Better search functionality - i.e. search by organisation, agent etc 

As Alessandro indicates the only way to extract time currently is to access each individual project and pull reports individually adding significant overhead when you have dozens of projects in progress at one time. 

Not all customers are going to purchase your Freshrelease product, we migrated to Freshservice as it included ticketing and project's in one platform.
MSPs and service providers require a simple project module that they can extract weekly reports on specifically related to time. You will gain many more customers in this area if it can be addressed. 

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