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Allow Agents to have a multiple email addresses like requesters do

When you look at a requester profile, you can add multiple email addresses.

When you look at an agent profile, they can only have one email address. 

This presents a problem for us as we have two separate domains.

Domain 1: Used for all systems setups including Active Directory, OneLogin (SAML/SSO), etc. Users are provissioned into Freshservice with this email account.

Domain 2: Is simply an alias used for all inbound/outbound email communications.

So for our agents, we're stuck on which email address we should set them up  on. If we use domain 1, they will continue to receive probe updates and automatically login via SSO. However if agents log their own tickets outside the system, they will be logged from domain 2.

If we setup agents on domain 2, their tickets will be received fine into Freshservice. However, they won't be provisioned / updated automatically and can't SSO into the system.

Having the ability to have multiple email addresses on an agent would help fix this solution. Have a primary email address which will continue to be used for provissioning and SSO but then also record their secondary email alias to capture email communications.

Let me know if you require any clarification.

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2nd this. 

Would also make it possible/ enable the option if we need to merge a requester and an agent account together. (similar situation with multiple accounts as above)

this really needs to be done, especially when the agent's reply to email address is different than their login address.

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Absolutely Kyle. We just had that exact same issue and it results in duplicate tickets, missed messages/approvals and confusion with users.

It's actually a pretty bad design that the notification emails don't have some form of unique tracking ID to know what ticket they belong to. Instead, FS depends on the ticket subject (which also breaks it if you want to customise email notifications) and the recipients email address.

We have the same issue.  We have a group of users whose AD account historically was one domain and later their email address changed.

With requesters we are ok, provided we spot them and add in the additional email.

We have had one person now moved from requester to agent and they lost one email address.......the one we needed for SSO.

I have changed the email address in FreshService and waiting to see any side effects.

Supporting multiple email addresses for agents is something that we're thinking about, but it's not on our roadmap at the moment. We'll take this up at the next available opportunity.

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