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Tasks - Can they be finally improved

Our company are new Freshservice users.  We have noticed that in Freshservice's documentation that tasks are suggested when assigning others tasks instead of creating child tickets.  I don; believe that it explicitly says that but it seems to be strongly implied.

We believe this is excellent and that Tasks simply the process of assigning tasks to others, except Tasks are not given equal footing in the product like incidents.  

Currently, it is difficult to find Tasks because there are multiple steps to find the tasks in the interface and there are no notifications in the interface for task assignment or completion.  

We are suggesting that the Task views at least be revamped to remove the difficult/multiple steps that are required to view Tasks and that notifications for tasks being assigned and completed are added into the product similar to what we see for Incidents. 

We believe this would greatly enhance the product and simplify the ticketing process when tickets require multiple departments to resolve an issue. 

We are asking the many users of Freshservice to get behind this request.

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Here is our proposal:


I personally would love to see a task list similar to a KANBAN board (ServiceNow does this in visual task boards as per below image). Also having tasks being independent of tickets (personal tasks) in conjunction to Tasks linked to incidents would be nice. This gives an even footing of tasks to incidents as well, plus this improves the ability to manage Agile type projects and team work tasks.

Image result for servicenow visual task board

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Yeah, that would work as well.  Being able to see the tasks without having to find them and having task notifications equal to the ticket notifications would help everyone.  After all, it seems that tasks are available in Fresh Service just not easy to use like tickets and creating five tickets for one problem has never been efficient. 

Agreed. Currently tasks seem more suited towards singular owners of a ticket where you might have 5 tasks but they all apply to that person who is assigned the ticket. This is simply because there isn't a nice task queue like there are for tickets, changes, etc. Tasks are certainly more "hidden". I'd even be open to combining both tasks and tickets into one view.

Without wanting to hijack the thread, since we are talking about improving tasks, I believe that closing a ticket with open tasks should not automatically mark those tasks as complete.

We often leave tasks as 'reminders' to be actioned 2-6 months later. (E.g check if a user still needs a Visio license). Currently as far as I can see when a ticket is closed, all tasks associated with the ticket get automatically marked complete. I can see the logic behind this, but it may be worth prompting if the 'closer / resolver' actually wants this to occur. This caused some grief recently as we needed to re-evaluate a number of tasks that were marked complete that were not complete. I had been assuming my agents had been completing the tasks, but this was not the case. The System had been setting them as complete and the tasks were forgotten.

I get that some may suggest leaving the ticket open, but this creates it's own issues. 

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