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"Thank you" detector

Please implement Freshdesk's new "Thank you" detector in Freshservice.

"Thank you" detector

With Freddy, our AI engine, automations can detect when your customers respond thanking you for your support. Only tickets that need the attention of your team are reopened. This way, your reporting metrics do not get skewed.

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This would be great! I can't believe how many people re-open tickets with nothing more than 'Thank you' and cause me to re-close several tickets.

I created a decent workaround for this for 1 of my customers.  Please contact me "" and I'll share the video I created.

Workarounds are great Jim but I think the request here is to have a true feature as an option rather than a workaround. Don't want the system held together with string and bubblegum :)

Understood. But in the meantime there is something you can build through workflow to help. Just for some context I’m a Freshworks customer success manager. I’ve heard this request from some of my customers so I worked to build a feasible solution using current feature / functionality. I happened upon this request last night and thought I might be able to help some more folks. Let me know if you’re interested.
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