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App building to marketplace

Hello, I am trying to make Freshdesk App for publishing in the marketplace,my application uses a modular assembly,npm packages and utilities such as Webpack ,eslintbabel , quite a bit of code is written in my application
This is a main.js file


import $ from 'jquery'
$(document).ready(() => { => { // Client Object is obtained
    const client = _client
    console.log('App Initialize', client)

 The problem is that when I run my application in dev mode,I get quite low coverage summary
For example
I have this coverage summary, when my code is compiled by webpack in development mode


And this coverage summary when my code is minified


As I understand it, this is due to the npm packages I use
Q. Can I use npm packages for publishing an application in the marketplace?
Q. How to avoid low scores 
coverage summary?
Q. If I will not use npm packages but I will need to connect a third-party library that also contains code with webpack, it will also lower the coverage rates?

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