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Requester Groups for Automation and Approvals

Requester groups need a lot of love.  Their use is extremely limited and lack basic functionality that other more robust systems like Ivanti and ServiceNow have.

With a requester group I should be able to:

  1. Restrict Service Catalog Categories (Only works on individual items)
  2. Automate ticket workflows (For example, set priority or send notification when someone in the VIP group submits a ticket)
  3. Send an approval to a group (For example, a request for Salesforce access requires approval from one of two individuals in the "Salesforce Business Owners" group
Like others have requested, we should be able to manually add users to a requester group.

#3 is a big one for properly managing approvals.  The workaround is to enter individual names into the workflow, but that is a nightmare to maintain.

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We need this type of functionality as well.

+1 Yes. Please look in to this, we have similar use cases that would benefit.

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