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Release Notes - 15 July 2019


  • Sandbox: With Sandbox, you can create an out-of-the-box environment to test out workflows and configurations before syncing them to your Freshservice account while keeping away from ramifications. More info on this here.

  • Custom Dashboard: We’ve added three new widgets (Ticket SLA Metrics, Average First Response Time and Average Resolution Time) to the dashboard to enhance overall service desk efficiency. More info on this here.

  • AD Sync: Now during AD sync, if the user record has a field value in AD that does not exist in Freshservice, the user record will be created in Freshservice but the field value which does not exist in Freshservice will be skipped.

  • Time Format: Freshservice now supports 24 hour time format while importing/ exporting agents & requesters.

Bug Fixes: 

  • Service catalog: Previously when users entered 255 plus characters in a single line text field for a service item, it threw an error that something went wrong instead of character limit exceeded alert. This is now fixed.

  • Form Templates: Special characters were not reflected when users added them to the change template description. This is now fixed.

  • Contract Type: Users were unable to add/update fields for a contract type if the total number of fields exceeded 127 for all contract types. This is now fixed.

  • Mobile app: Previously the location order for the mobile app was inconsistent. This is now fixed.

  • Support Portal: Users were unable to set SSO or SSL login in their support portal. This is now fixed.

  • Office 365: Agents weren’t able to sync tasks and users were unable to schedule meetings in Office 365. This is now fixed.

  • Workflow Automator: Previously users were unable to add two service items or an extra requester field to a condition node in workflow automator. This is now fixed.

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About the Custom Dashboard, not all items are translated in Dutch. Some examples



Best regards,

Thom van Zee

Is it me or did you update the "assign to" option in the ticket list, to include the Agent Team, including a dropdown menu?

Not just you Michael, noticed that as well and a nice feature for our coordinators/dispatchers to be assigning right from the ticket view very easily.

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Is there any plan to support the asset module for sandboxing? Additionally, are there plans to provide this feature to other Freshservice plans (e.g. Estate)? 

Hello Thom Van Zee,

Translations for widget headers in Dutch should be available roughly in a month's time. Translation of texts within the widget could take a little longer than that. I shall update this thread when that's done.



Product @ Freshservice

Thanks for the update Sundararajan Srinivasan Murapakkam.

Thom van Zee

To get the sandbox you need to have a Forest account. Our 35 Agents are only on Estate. Can I upgrade one of my accounts to be on Forest so only I can use the sandbox?

Hello Audrey, 

No immediate plans to support assets in sandbox. However, we will take a note of this. Thanks for the feedback. 


Karthik K

Hello Patrick, 

Presently Sandbox is available only on Forest. You've mentioned about upgrading one of your accounts. Could you help us understand this better?  Do you have more than one active Freshservice account presently? Could you talk to our support team to get more details on this?  We'll be happy to assist you. 


Karthik K

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