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Automator doesn't work with the Scheduler

I have created a set of schedule tickets that I want to use as daily checklists however I cannot add tasks to the scheduled tickets. So I set up an Automator rule that should identify the created ticket and add the tasks I need, this did not work.

After much back and forth, I am told the following:

The workflow automator will work only on tickets that have been created manually and not through another automation. Hence I am afraid that we will not be able to automate the tickets created by the scheduler. Apologies for not being much of a help here.

How is it that the Automator doesn't recogise new tickets created by the Scheduler???

Please fix this! You could either allow me to add tasks to a scheduled ticket or allow the Automator to be able to recogise new tickets created by the Scheduler!

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hi crede,

as i heared a few month ago, there is no way to trigger a automatic task by another automation, so no scheduler is ale to trigger automator rules and vice versa.

kr johannes

We want to achieve a similar thing - scheduled tickets with a set of tasks, and preferably dependent tasks where they have to be ticked off sequentially.

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