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Campaign ideas to encourage the customer's response rate

Hi all. I would like to know ideas about how they have carried out campaigns to encourage customers to respond to the satisfaction surveys of the tickets. This is because in my company it is not mandatory to give feedback, but the response rate is very low and we want to encourage users to complete the satisfaction survey.


We have tried flyers and email campaigns, but they have not had any effect. Do you have any suggestions?

Hey Isaac

One thing I do is ensure I always go back to any negative comments and discuss how we use this feedback to get better - as this shows we are listening.

I also publish the results each month on our intranet, along with a comment around what we've done on the back of the comments.

It's important to show that CSAT is not just a thing we do to tick a box, but it helps us make decisions and improve our service...

This helps to build a reputation that we take feedback seriously and that we do things as a result of it. 

Hope that makes sense!

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