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CMDB Config Expiration

When an asset is going to expire (configurable as 30/60/90 days out) it should create a ticket as the client and notify a pre-defined group (ie: sales).

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Hi Benjamin,

 Thank you for the feedback. Hope you are referring warranty expiry notification for assets. We will bring this feature soon. 

Feel free to send us your feedback about the product. You can contact us at support@freshservice.com



This feature is a must, hope you add it soon.

When will cmdb be added to freshdesk?

Hi Benjamin,

  Freshdesk is a customer support software . Generally a customer support software doesn't need an inventory or asset management feature. Freshdesk will continue to innovate in Customer Support Domain. 

Freshservice is an IT/ITIL Helpdesk which will evolve with features needed for IT Helpdesk Software. CMDB/Asset Management is an integral part of an IT Helpdesk

I would suggest you to choose a software which is catering to your domain ,  and together we can build a wonderful experience . On a longer run it will be better to decide based on a product roadmap or vision

Feel free to reach us to discuss your requirement at support@freshservice.com

Thanks and Regards

Shihab Muhammed

Hi Benjamin,

  Asset expiry notification feature is live now. Please go to Admin --> Email Notification --> CMDB . You can see hardware warranty expiry notification and software validity expiry notification. Please select when do you want to get notification . You will get a notification/create ticket with list of assets which are going to expire on specific day

Thank you so much for your suggestion


Shihab Muhammed

This is great news, thank you for adding it.

Expiry notification is available for hardware and software assets. There are CI types that are neither hardware nor software but nevertheless have expiration dates. For example, domain name registrations.

Expiration notification must be available for all CI types.

Consider this an enhancement request (or bug fix).


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