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TV display option

We have a TV display that keeps track of current affairs.

Would it be possible to generate a customized report from the current affairs and display this in here? Currently reports are from 1 day in the past.

(SLA's met, 
Urgent problems
Amount of logged in agents, that kind of information..)

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I've been using dashing ( ).  There's a freshdesk widget that uses the FreshService API.

We display ticket load, overdue tickets, etc.

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Could you help us to build a dashboard using the Or tell us how did you du that?

Thank ya!


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To use

I installed Dashing on Ubuntu running on a workstation attached to the TV (a Raspberry Pi could work) as described in the "Getting Started" section on:

I downloaded the FreshDesk widget from: (You can use GEM to install too.)

I changed the sample Dashing Job file to the correct URL and pointed it to my widget.  (Sample "Open Tickets per Agent" Attached.)


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From what I can see from the site that the dashing is no longer being used.

This is what we need. Also Windows support too.

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I would like to add my vote to those seeking this option.

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This would be handy, my IT team are situated near the directors, and it would be advantageous to be able to display this so they can see how we are travelling.

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We would definitely like this to be implemented; seems to have been a request for a while, is it coming soon?

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Is there any news regarding Dashboard with KPI?

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We are also very interested in a dashboard option...

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Yes, we need this feature

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I would be interested in the dashboard being refreshed every x sec's and allow to be customised

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Is this thing on...

Where is this on the roadmap? Four years seems like a very long time.

Would like some feedback about the status of this Ticket. Or perhaps there is a proper workaround that can be used for this?

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Yes, please provide an ETA. Thanks! 

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This feature would be helpful to us as well.

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