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incoming Emails are always set as "Incident"


We're a new Freshservice adopter - launched on 24 June, 2019. 

Currently, around 80% of our tickets come in via e-mail, and are a mix of Requests & Incidents (~60/40 split on average historically). 

Freshservice always sets Incident as the type for incoming emails. This is killing our stats, which show that 90% of our tickets are now Incidents (and we *know* this is far from true). 

[Over time, yes, we'll push more portal use, but we have an issue today.

Now we can, and know how to, change INC- to SR- when agents are updating tickets. 

But of course, Agents are people, and are NOT doing this routinely. 

Has anyone out there encountered this, and found a clever way around this?

We've asked, and it's not possible to leave Type as blank on incoming emails (possible option feature request???)

I have a clunky work around in mind involving the Supervisor checking all INC-categories and, using a list (ugh, keeping that up to date) would move wrongly-typed tickets to be Service Requests

any thoughts?

Iain C

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I have a workflow automator that handles the incoming tickets sent via email.  I then use a keyword search to assign the tickets to type & assign an agent group for assignment.  This is still clunky as your solution though. 

Hi Iain, 

The reason behind why an email coming through to the helpdesk is always marked as an Incident is because service requests can be raised from the Customer Portal on Freshservice. As you mentioned, a workaround to this would be configuring Workflow Automators but we would recommend encouraging users to use the Service Catalog instead to raise a Service Request. 

Service Item forms can be customized to get more information from the Requester which might be missed over emails also reducing the number of email conversations the Agent has to have with the requester to get details of the Service Item they have requested for. 

Studying patterns on the most requested Service Items that come in via an email would help to create new service requests and reduce the hassle of converting the tickets from Incidents to Service Requests. Using a workflow, you can create a Service Request from the Incident ticket that was created and delete the Incident ticket. 

Whilst we understand that it can be a hassle to have clunky workflows read subject lines and assign to the groups accordingly, encouraging your requesters to use the self-service portal makes way for better reporting and studying trends. 

I hope this is beneficial to you. Happy supporting!

Thanks for the reply. Not really helpful though; we know how to create and use the Portal. We would still prefer an option to have emails come in untyped as neither INC nor SR. 

We use email as a support channel, so we will continue to have this as an issue. 

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Hi Ian,

We definitely understand your use case. We predominantly use the INC or SR for differentiating tickets and also for the thread appending functions.

I will have this request passed to our Product team and will share updates upon insights. Thank you for using Freshservice!

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