Release Notes - 29 June 2019


  • CSAT Surveys: We’ve revamped our CSAT surveys to measure service desk efficiency better. Once the survey is activated, 

              - You can set up Reports to capture various metrics based on survey ratings.

              - You can also configure Workflows to send escalation e-mails to the agents so they instantly get notified of poor ratings.

    More info on this here.

  • Assets List Page: We’ve tweaked a few functionalities within the asset list page,

            - Now agents can quickly filter assets using filter situated on the right pane (similar to tickets).

            - You can now add new filter conditions or columns to a view and save them to have it accessible anytime.

            - Any view, filter or column configuration that is selected will be persisted even if you navigate away from the assets list page.

  • Time Format: The time format can be selected as 12-hour or 24-hour, both at the account-level (Helpdesk Rebranding) and the user-level (Profile Settings).

  • Workflow Automator: Now users can select multiple values from a dropdown field using “Includes” and “Does not include” condition.

  • Workflow Automator: Now agents will be notified to either trigger a manual approval or add details to the requester in case there isn’t a reporting manager or department head for a request.

Bug Fixes:

  • SLA Policy: Previously when users set the time period as 24 hours for “Respond within” or “Resolve within”, it was considered as 1 calendar day without taking the business hours into account. This is now fixed.

  • Discovery Probe: Previously while syncing users from AD to Freshservice using Probe. Freshservice only considered the primary email for duplication check and not the secondary email. This is now fixed.

  • Service catalog: Previously the uploaded image for a service item description didn’t show up. This is now fixed.

  • Workflow Automator: The workflow automator wasn’t triggered as the note added was recorded as a reply in the system. This is now fixed.

  • Assets: For VMWare server type, the scanned data for the virtual machines was not displayed correctly under Virtual Machines tab. This is now fixed.

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