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Knowledge base enhancements

We understand that lack of self service adoption is one of the biggest pain points of IT teams. The backbone of self-service is availability of Knowledge base articles and accessibility to these articles. For the former problem, we want to enhance the content creation experience, so that IT teams can create more content, easily. We plan to enhance Knowledge base through the following: 

1. Better Editor - The current editor is, let's admit it, not the best out there. We want to create a better editor that makes it easier to write and format articles. 

2. Approvals - Now Managers can set ensure the format and review the content of the solution before it is published. Managers can set approver (one or many) at folder level, and all articles created inside that folder will have to be approved before it can be published. 

3. Review Date - In a lot of organizations, the processes change and tools evolve, and solutions team finds it hard to keep the articles updated. Now you can set Review Date for the articles, you will be reminded on that date to review the particular article.

4. Analytics - It's important to get feedback and understand which articles were helpful in resolving an issue. Now you can see the number of views for each article, along with the helpful and not helpful votes and number of times an article was inserted into a ticket by an agent. 

5. Better Access Controls - You can restrict agents to have view-only permission to the article and not have edit permissions to a particular article. This works best for cases where different functions within the organization are using Freshservice - HR is an agent and they can only view IT articles but can edit and create HR articles. 


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Hi Peter

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it would be nice to be able to manage "visibility" rights directly on procedures.


Currently the rights are made on the folders and we must manage our tree structure according to the rights that we want to set up.

Don't know if it has been mentioned elsewhere, but adding PowerShell as one of the selectable code languages would be great.

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Not sure if this has been mentioned before but it would be great to mark certain articles as high importance so they always get featured more prominently on the user portal. We have some user induction guides that we try and push quite heavily and being able to advertise them better would help with this.

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It would be really useful to be able to add CIs to solution articles so that if we have an issue with an CI item the solutions that are relevant to that item are visible,  is that on the roadmap?

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Any chance that we could make KB articles sortable by name? I know we can't get sub folders, but I would like to be able to order all of the articles for a specific topic together (unless there's a better way for doing so that I'm missing?)

Could the difference between "tags" and the new "keywords" field on solutions articles be explained? According to existing documentation here and here, tags should already be functioning as keywords in search.

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