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Knowledge base enhancements

We understand that lack of self service adoption is one of the biggest pain points of IT teams. The backbone of self-service is availability of Knowledge base articles and accessibility to these articles. For the former problem, we want to enhance the content creation experience, so that IT teams can create more content, easily. We plan to enhance Knowledge base through the following: 

1. Better Editor - The current editor is, let's admit it, not the best out there. We want to create a better editor that makes it easier to write and format articles. 

2. Approvals - Now Managers can set ensure the format and review the content of the solution before it is published. Managers can set approver (one or many) at folder level, and all articles created inside that folder will have to be approved before it can be published. 

3. Review Date - In a lot of organizations, the processes change and tools evolve, and solutions team finds it hard to keep the articles updated. Now you can set Review Date for the articles, you will be reminded on that date to review the particular article.

4. Analytics - It's important to get feedback and understand which articles were helpful in resolving an issue. Now you can see the number of views for each article, along with the helpful and not helpful votes and number of times an article was inserted into a ticket by an agent. 

5. Better Access Controls - You can restrict agents to have view-only permission to the article and not have edit permissions to a particular article. This works best for cases where different functions within the organization are using Freshservice - HR is an agent and they can only view IT articles but can edit and create HR articles. 


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The ability to plug in a third party system would be good. We tried many times to use the FreshService system but had to go out and buy ScreenSteps ( instead which makes writing articles, adding screenshots and keeping things extremely consistent very easy. Check it out. It has what I consider to be the bare minimum features for writing good, engaging articles that can all link to each other dynamically.

Would be great if the editor would match Confluence somewhat. 
This would centralize the data even more for us. 

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instance (

Highly interested in this - have been trying to dig into how use the dates to make sure solutions are kept up to date without manually checking each one.  VERY interested if there is a beta group add us to it - 

Release date planned?

Any updates?

also eagerly awaiting this!

Still waiting for this as well!  Would be nice to hear something from FreshService regarding this.........

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we are working on this. We plan to ship most of the features listed here before end of this year. 



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is it foreseen that it is possible to manage the visualization rights "customers" on each article and not as in this moment on each category?

Hey guys!

We have an update for you. 

As part of the Knowledge Base 2.0 rollout, we’re planning to ship the first set of enhancements before the end of this month. 

This rollout includes a brand new editor with better formatting controls, a distraction-free fullscreen mode and also a table view that gives you greater control over how you view and sort your solution articles. You can read more about the enhancements from here.

We’ll roll out more enhancements in the upcoming weeks and we will keep you posted on the same. 

If you wish to get early access for Knowledge Base 2.0, please fill this form. 

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This is great news.  Having a much more robust KB editor will greatly enhance our capability to create compelling KB articles.  Thanks!

Wonderful to hear! Thanks Karthik!

When will those of us that requested early access get it?

Hi Jennifer

We are planning to deploy this next week. Let me know if you need a day's(or days) notice before enabling it on your account.


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