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Knowledge base enhancements

We understand that lack of self service adoption is one of the biggest pain points of IT teams. The backbone of self-service is availability of Knowledge base articles and accessibility to these articles. For the former problem, we want to enhance the content creation experience, so that IT teams can create more content, easily. We plan to enhance Knowledge base through the following: 

1. Better Editor - The current editor is, let's admit it, not the best out there. We want to create a better editor that makes it easier to write and format articles. 

2. Approvals - Now Managers can set ensure the format and review the content of the solution before it is published. Managers can set approver (one or many) at folder level, and all articles created inside that folder will have to be approved before it can be published. 

3. Review Date - In a lot of organizations, the processes change and tools evolve, and solutions team finds it hard to keep the articles updated. Now you can set Review Date for the articles, you will be reminded on that date to review the particular article.

4. Analytics - It's important to get feedback and understand which articles were helpful in resolving an issue. Now you can see the number of views for each article, along with the helpful and not helpful votes and number of times an article was inserted into a ticket by an agent. 

5. Better Access Controls - You can restrict agents to have view-only permission to the article and not have edit permissions to a particular article. This works best for cases where different functions within the organization are using Freshservice - HR is an agent and they can only view IT articles but can edit and create HR articles. 


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Great to see the improvements listed here. Is there any timescales for when this planned work will be completed?

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These are much needed features, do we have a timeline?

Too early to commit an accurate ETA. Tentatively, we plan to ship these by September/October. I'll try to setup calls with some of you to understand your specific needs around knowledge base. :)



Hi Joe,

Looking forward to these enhancement. Our teams use KBAs a lot in general on other platforms, so keen to use FreshService more with the proposed features above. Keen to have a chat with you as well.



Really keen to see these come in, great news they are being worked on.  The editor improvements in particular will help a lot - formatting documents is painful sometimes (especially if you're unlucky enough that you have an original doc you are trying to convert from word.....).  Thanks for addressing it.

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Good to see these improvements as they hit on some of the major pain points on how the KB is setup and managed today for us.

We would be interested in helping develop this enhancement



Really great all these improvements, but for me it is missing one more! :)


Multilanguage management!

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Been waiting a long time for this! Two requests:

1) Ability to have a "working draft" - the ability to keep the published copy, but also have a draft version working. Currently in Freshservice to have a draft, you have to unpublish the solution article. (Freshdesk KB has had this since before Mint) 

2) Analytics- show us what is being searched for that requesters aren't finding a solution article for. This is the go-to metric for building a knowledgebase that's actually effective in ticket mitigation

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Hi Andrew

We are also working on the 2nd point that you mentioned. :)

the 1st point is in our backlog. 



Hello Joe, 

Great news. 

If there is any beta, we would be glad to test on our instances




We are currently using a custom theme from Breezy Themes for our support portal which gives us much more flexibility on the formatting of our customer facing solution articles, but viewing these solution articles on the agent side of Freshservice leaves them often unreadable without opening them up in the customer support portal due to the CSS customization.  It would be great if the agent portal would inherit the customer facing CSS for solution articles when displaying them in order to maintain consistency. 


It would also be helpful to be able to report on the number of article views from agents, as well as the requesters. We maintain many internal knowledge base articles that are never seen by requesters and are never inserted into tickets, but would still like to be able to report on how much use these articles are getting internally.

I've seen it mentioned and I would like to make sure it is under consideration, but we would really like the option to use languages like Markdown for writing and editing articles. We don't need a WISYWG editor just use a lightweight markup like Markdown to specify the sections and let the parser convert it to appropriate HTML similar to how Wikimedia, Github/Gitlab, etc work. We already use Wiki Markup and Markdown heavily elsewhere so it makes it easy to write everything using the same formatting.

Glad to see these requests got traction quick :)

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