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Managed Services Provider - Business Hours

I work for an MSP, I am aware that business hours can be assigned to an agent, however, I'd like the option to be able to assign business hours to companies/departments.

I have multiple clients who are on the east coast of Australia and we are based on the west coast and we use the same agents to facilitate all our clients. This makes it difficult for me to track the SLA's between states.

Please add this feature for MSP's.


Crede Harrison

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Crede, I have a similar issue - we're a global IT team but work to the SLA of our requestor location. We work cross location so we can't set business hours to a department/ team/ group as that isn't how we are measured. It would be great if we could set SLA's against requester fields 

I've raised this previously direct with FreshService and the response I had was that " SLA management and turnaround time are concurrent in nature and should not impact reports. They believe it is business hours that correlate worked hours and SLA relationship, which is why their suggestion is around multi groups." 

From the product managers:


Re SLA management scenario - "We'll need to create a separate agent group for each location, and then assign the Business hours of that location to that group. SLA calculation would automatically work."

Neither of the answers really helped or gave us much confidence.

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I requested something similar or at least similar problems to managed MSP customers/services... Let see >



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