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Field Suggester (Powered by Freddy)

Support teams spend a lot of their time today in categorizing and routing tickets to the right group. With hundreds of tickets coming in every day and a lot of categories and assignment groups to choose from, this exercise quickly becomes monotonous and time consuming.


Freddy will use machine learning to understand how ticket properties are updated by agents and will suggest values for fields such as Category, Sub-category, Item and Group immediately after a ticket is created. 

Agents can then review the suggestions and accept them through a single click.

Freddy eliminates the bottleneck by enabling agents to quickly make use of the suggestions to categorize and route tickets. Tickets get the attention they deserve from the right individual, leading to decreased time to resolution, increased compliance with SLAs and overall customer satisfaction. 


This will be available on ALL paid plans for accounts that have opted to share usage Analytics with Freshservice.

In order to have this feature enabled, an account should at least receive 100 tickets a month, and at least a couple of values for the fields that are going to be predicted. Admins of all the accounts that meet the criteria will be notified via email when the machine learning models are available. They can go ahead and turn the suggestions on for fields that are available for prediction. 

We’ll be starting a phased roll-out starting from the third week of June.

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Interesting feature, but fairly useless for all but the largest IT teams I'm guessing.  We certainly won't be using it.

We are looking forward to seeing this come as native functionality without the need of a third party platform. Well done team!

Hi team,

Great stuff. Many are excited about this.

Any intention/plan to roll this out with support for other languages as well?

I understand it currently supports English only, correct?

Hi Joey,

Thank you for your interest in this feature. We'll soon extend support for other languages too. Kindly stay tuned.



Product @ Freshservice

Cannot wait for this feature, can you please ensure we are added into Beta once available 

this is already live. why is it still showing on the in-progress bucket?

Hi Kyle,

This is already live for most of the accounts hosted in the US and Europe data centers. We are currently in the process of expanding this capability to AUS and IND Data centers. Hence the 'in-progress' status. We will move this to 'Implemented' as soon as that's done.



Product @ Freshservice

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Hi Sundar, we're in the Australian dc and hoping to find out the ETA for field suggester to arrive. 


Hi James,

I don't have a concrete ETA yet, but we're shooting for end of March. This is a tentative timeline, and I'll keep you posted on updates as we get closer to completion.



Product @ Freshservice

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