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Improve Asset Visibility and Navigation for MSPs

Improve Asset Navigation for MSPs

We designate assets as owned by different customers/companies. Even though I can create custom CMDB views to restrict my view to a single customer, if I expand the CMDB hierarchy and try to filter by this, it overrides the filter I applied in the view. For instance if I select a custom view for all assets belonging to Customer A, and then open the hierarchy and select Hardware/Computer/Laptop, it shows me laptops from all Customers. The workaround seems to be to create another custom view/filter for CustomerA/Laptops, but you can imagine how many permutations you'd end up with in this model. 

Suggested Change: Allow navigation of the CMDB Hierarchy within a selected View. For instance, I select a custom view for Customer A, an then can move around the hierarchy within that customer's CMDB.

Let Some Users Have Read-Only View of Assets assigned to their Company

I would like the ability to let a designated Company Head or group to have read-only visibility into their CMDB (for this, all assets in the CMDB belonging to their company). I guess I could automate creation and delivery of a report using the API and customizing their portal with a button to trigger this but it seems like a lot of work, vs just turning this into a valuable feature. Like if a customer wants to view their laptop inventory, why not let them? 

Suggested Change: First just create a button that will email the customer a CSV of assets in belonging to their company. Eventually provide online visibility into this. 

Hi Artixan, 

We are solving the first scenario you mentioned in an upcoming release. You'll find more info on this here:

The changes will be available in a few weeks. 

For the second part, how frequently do you have a company head wanting to view their inventory? And when would they want to do that? I'd say a report of all the devices is the best way to let folks from a company see all their inventory details. If they want to view all the inventory within Freshservice, I'd recommend having them as agents (Occasional?) with access to viewing only their company assets. 

Glad to hear on the first one, although the link doesn't seem to work - just a 404. 

For the second part, it can be folks in accounting wanting to report on assets for instance. I said company head, but just used that as an example because for some of our customers the person we designate as the company head is our main PoC at the organization that would "own" the IT domain. So we see them interested in assets from that role but it would be nice to create a group of people from a company and give them permission to view their company's assets, as in the case of accounting. 

Sorry about that, Artixan. Here's the correct link:

For the view assets use case, If we were to provide all this information on the end user portal, there will be restrictions on the information users can view in every asset and how they can meaningfully consume this information. For example, if accounting team want to access this information, they might be interested in the cost and warranty information or PO details of some of the assets. While others might want to only filter and view a subset of the asset info and maybe get an export of the configuration details of these assets. 

I believe the best way to address this is to have a PoC from each organization as an occasional agents and restrict their access to only their company assets. This way, they can view all the details of every asset and also report on them as needed. Another option is to create data exports so that your customers can directly consume the data within their reporting tools. Let me know if you have any questions in these.



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