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Log time against ticket while adding a ticket note

While adding a new note to a ticket, if we could also collect data to log a time entry in the same UI element set, it would make the workflow a lot faster. 

Required UI Change: Down where a new note has a toggle for "Visible to the customer" add adjacent fields for "Hours" and "Date", and a "Billable" toggle. 

Required Behavior Change: When note is saved, the data from Hours, Date and Billable are used to create a new time entry record, leaving Time Entry Task and Time Entry Note blank. 

Possible Mods: Add toggle to copy note text into time entry note field, but I think for us these are often very different types of notes (ticket note is verbose and candid, time entry note is short and considered customer-facing)

The following is a comparison of the current process with the benefits of making this change:

Current Process for logging a note and time:

Agent clicks on a ticket to view it, clicks "Add Note", enters note text, clicks on "Add Private Note", then Clicks on the "Time Tracked" section to expand it, clicks on "Add Time", enters hours, date, and other fields, then clicks on "Save". 

Number of Clicks: 6

Suggested Process for logging a note and time: 

Agent clicks on a ticket to view it, clicks "Add Note", enters note text, enters hours, and changes date if necessary, changes Billable toggle if necessary, clicks on "Add Private Note".

Number of Clicks: 3

50% less clicks, and less scrolling.

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I was about to raise a feature request for this and glad I found somebody has already done it. This would be a great addition as we are struggling with our agents forgetting to add time entires as this has to be an additional step after adding a note.

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