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Ideas for Service Catalog Items?


Background - I manage the Help Desk/Service Desk for Asbury University in KY USA.  We're SLOWLY implementing FreshService for our campus.  We're at the process now of differentiating between Incidents, Service Requests, etc. and teaching ITIL to our staff (we haven't previously used ITIL or FreshService). I was wondering if anyone out there had a good running list of services they provide to their organization/business/campus?  

Here's a preliminary list of services we came up with.  Please note that we aren't presently including Employee Onboarding items that are non-IT (like we don't provide Office Supplies, Physical Keys, etc.)

Access Requests:

  • ID Card Access
  • Network Share Access
  • Email Account Access
  • ERP System Access
  • CRM System Access
  • ITS Ticketing System Access

Replacement Technology Requests:
  • Laptop Upgrade
  • Desktop Upgrade
  • Mobile (Cell) Phone Upgrade
  • Desk Phone Upgrade
  • Printer Upgrade
  • Scanner Upgrade
  • Docking Station Upgrade

New Hardware Requests:
  • New Laptop
  • New Desktop
  • New Scanner
  • New Printer
  • New Fax Machine
  • New Docking Station
  • New Mouse
  • New Keyboard

Software Requests:
  • Adobe Acrobat License Purchase
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Licence Purchase
  • SPSS License Purchase
  • Camtasia License Purchase
  • Operating System Upgrade Request
  • Microsoft Office Upgrade Request

Professional Services
  • Software Training Request
  • Campus Learning Space Training Request
  • Workstation Setup Request
  • A/V Event Support (Staffed)
  • A/V Event Support (Setup and Tear Down in Advance, no Microphone)
  • Equipment Checkout
  • Data Backup
  • Guest Wireless Request

Design, Graphic & Media Services
  • Digital Signage Post Request
  • Digital Signage Design Request
  • Media Order Form

Misc. Requests
  • New ID Card
  • Name Change Request

What are the SR items you're featuring??



Hi Andrew,

In Freshworks, our internal teams are using Freshservice and we have categorised our Service catalog into various categories including HR Ops, Engineering Operations, IT Apps and Admin Ops. We have service requests for Hardware and Software Licenses available under our IT service category. Under IT Apps, our team has configured service requests for various applications that as an organisation we use. Apart from the application requests for various softwares, we have also configured Non IT services like Facilities, HR etc into the service catalog. Few examples would be Cab/Transport request,ID card,Merchandise,Business cards,HR letter/documents and Engineering and product tool purchases.

On looking at your list of services that you have provided, these seem to be inclusive of most of your services in your helpdesk and this seems to be ideal to begin with. Also, over time you can run reports to identify the most commonly raised requests and add them to the catalog.



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